EDS Carriers is a logistics and specialized transport company.

We distinguish as a business with the highest quality of standards and an integrated network of people, technology and physical assets to provide nationwide transportation service to major shippers, with our late model equipment we can guarantee top safety and reliability in our services.

Our company has qualified owners operators as well as a power driven fleet of 200 trucks. Our operators are rewarded with their service and excellence towards the dedication to our company, making a synergy of labor value, that cannot be compared to other companies across the nation.

We empower our team to provide our customers a premium service, that will make long business relationships. Highly scalable to meet the demands and necessities of each customer, making a tailored application of service, reducing cost and improving productivity.

EDS Carriers – The solution for the improvement of your company’s logistical needs and the development of new approaches for the supply chain.

Laredo Motor Carriers Association - Established in 2016

We serve the core needs of our members while protectively working to enhance compliance with federal, state, and local laws. We maintain the highest standards of ethic and integrity in its relationship with members, government officials, public and other coalitions and associations.